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Management Profiles


Arif J. Dagha

Chief Executive Officer 

Mr. Arif J. Dagha holds an MBA Degree from the Institute of Business Administration in Karachi, one of the finest institutions in Pakistan. Alongside this, he also holds an LLB (Bachelor of Laws) degree.

Mr. Arif Dagha is a seasoned businessman. He started his career by working alongside his father Mr. Haji Jan Muhammad Dagha, a highly regarded and accomplished business man and social worker. Mr. Arif Dagha successfully established a number of diverse businesses. He possesses vast experience in the manufacture of Textiles Piece Goods, Woven Garments & Knitwear, exporting to USA and Europe; also, in the manufacture of Leather Garments & Goods, Exporting to Europe. Under the leadership of Mr. Arif Dagha, Dagha Corporation's Seed Division, involved in the business of High-Tech Agricultural Inputs, has been one of the earliest companies to introduce Hybrid Rice Technology in Pakistan, and currently, it is one of the leading Hybrid Rice Seed Companies in Pakistan, both in terms of the Market Share and Brand Recognition.  

He also has vast experience in the construction of Commercial and Residential Buildings. Being part of several projects, Mr. Arif Dagha has played a pivotal role in the launch and management of Landmark Building Projects in Karachi, such as Jenica Center (later renamed Gul Plaza) and Murshid Bazar & Sunar Tower, in renowned Gold Market of Karachi, among many other construction projects. Mr. Arif Dagha is also well known for his social welfare services and has served as the President, for multiple terms, of one of the leading social welfare organizations in Karachi, running a well-equipped Hospital, Schools, College & Housing Schemes. 

Mr. Arif Dagha brings to Dagha Textiles, his vast experience, intellect and an unyielding eye for quality. He believes in establishing long-term business relationships with clients and associates. 


Ameer A. Dagha 


Mr. Ameer A. Dagha holds a BSc (Hons) Business Administration Degree from the University of Bath, U.K, one of the best business schools in the U.K. He also holds an MSc Economics Finance and Management Degree from the University of Bristol, another prestigious institution in the UK. 

Mr. Ameer Dagha moved to Pakistan in 2012 after having spent six years in the UK pursuing higher education. Previously, Mr. Ameer Dagha has worked for such notable names as Morgan Stanley in London and Clifton Asset Management in Bristol and Citibank in Karachi, Pakistan. After returning home, Mr. Ameer Dagha joined Dagha Corporation and worked in their Hybrid Rice Seed division before moving on to Dagha Textiles (Pvt.) Ltd. as a Director, looking after all the aspects of its business. 

Mr. Ameer Dagha infuses a modern outlook and a global perspective to the business along with his ability to communicate well with people from diverse cultural backgrounds.  


Adeel A. Dagha


Mr. Adeel A. Dagha holds a B.S. in Management, Finance and Accounting and a B.S. in Industrial Management/Statistics from Purdue University, U.S.A. He also holds an M.S. in Finance from Johns Hopkins University, U.S.A.

Mr. Adeel Dagha moved to Pakistan, to pursue his family businesses, after having spent almost 8 years in the US, working towards his formal education and gaining work experience. Previously, he has worked at Barca Capital, a hedge fund based out of San Francisco that invested in emerging and frontier markets, as an Analyst. He has also worked at Gerson Lehrman Group (GLG), a consulting and learning platform for institutional investors based out of New York, as an Associate within their private equity and venture capital practice. He is currently involved in the management of all aspects at Dagha Textiles (Pvt.) LTD, specifically overseeing all production, sourcing and market development efforts.  

Mr. Adeel Dagha is often described by his peers as honest and direct. He is hard working and takes on all projects with a passion to conclude them to the best of standards, giving his 100%. 


Abdul Karim

General Manager

Mr. Abdul Karim brings with him his vast experience. He has worked with Dagha Corporation for decades, where he has been involved with Textiles and Leather Goods Manufacturing and Agricultural Inputs Supply Chain Management. Over the years, he has developed a deep insight into the different stages of textile manufacturing from yarn to finished product. He also has rich experience of coordinating with the departmental supervisors and to effectively address different issues that can arise in the manufacturing process, and to ensure the smooth functioning of the supply chain. 

Mr. Abdul Karim brings to Dagha Textiles his experience and a "get things done" attitude. 

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