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Our Capability & Resources


Dagha Textiles (Pvt.) Ltd. operates out of its state-of-the-art factory and office buildings located in the Korangi Industrial Area of Karachi, Pakistan. 

We have a combined Production Capacity of 150,000 kg of Terry Towels and Bathrobes per month.

Factory Premises
Office Premises
Looms in Action
Weaving in progress
Dyeing Lab Approvals Process
Stitching Process
Grading Process
Packing Process
Sorting Process
Loading Process
Seal and Dispatch 1
Seal and Dispatch 2



Our Weaving Department is equipped with Italian-made Vamatex Dynaterry looms, managed and maintained by experienced and highly skilled technicians. Equipped with the latest air-conditioning and air-cleaning systems, our weaving process is highly efficient since humidity and temperature are controlled. This minimises loom stoppage due to yarn breakage and keeps the working environment pleasant for our personnel. 



Our Stitching department is equipped with state-of-the-art sewing machines. These include, Juki single needle and double-needle lock stitch machines, Kingtex Over-Lock and Safety Overlock Machines and Kansai Multi-Needle Machines. Our stitching department is run by skillful personnel and experienced management enabling us to provide a high level of quality and finish. 

Quality Control


With utmost care, stringent quality control procedures are adopted through all stages of production, including yarn preparation, weaving, processing, embroidery, stitching, and packing. 

​Dyeing and processing is undertaken under the expert supervision of our technicians and Quality Control team to ensure conformity with the requirements of each order. 

All goods are thoroughly inspected before being shipped. Our factory employs a two-stage grading system compliant with ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management Systems. All non-compliant items are removed before products are packed and stored in our warehouse, ready for shipment. 

Value Chain

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